Mom's House for Children

We have one goal in mind: to care for our most vulnerable by providing a safe, loving, nurturing, home that not only houses these precious souls, but guides them into becoming the next thought leaders, game changers and contributing members of this global community. Mom’s House isn’t just a building. Mom’s House is a Cocoon of healing and of igniting human potential in each and every child.
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Love the Children.

Unite the World.

We believe that to change the world for the better, we must love the children of the world.  It is not enough to have an emotion, it takes love in action to make a difference.  Transformation and Change begins with our youth. By ending homelessness, hunger and poverty for our most vulnerable, we protect the children from crime, trafficking and other atrocities they face regularly.

More Than Shelter

Although we believe step 1 is providing safe shelter for the children, we provide much to these beautiful beings:

Emergency Food and Water Relief 

Now, more than ever, the children in the areas we support, the children are struggling for clean water access and food supplies.  During this extreme pandemic with COVID-19, this need is incredibly urgent.  Thousands of children will be supported through this crisis through Mom’s House and our growing family of supporters.  

Currently, we are supporting South African orphans and vulnerable, along with the children of the Peruvian Amazon jungle. 



Amazon Jungle – Peru

Mom’s House looks forward to supporting the various needs in Amazonia.  First thing is first: Clean Water.  Most villages along this stretch of the Amazon River rely heavily on the river for life.  Unfortunately, this river is unclean, as most villages lack proper sanitation and plumbing, thus the sanitations run into the river.  This is also the river in which the water is collected for drinking, cooking, cleaning and bathing.  We will work with local communities and water engineers to provide clean water to this region. 

Development of the Spirit

Although we are not a religious organization we encourage spiritual development through the discovery of one’s own soul, through meditation, prayer, reading, and other practices that instill inner strength, belief in God, cooperation and collaboration with others, unity in the world, peace, harmony and excellence.


 At Mom’s House we are a family.  Every individual, organization, foundation and government agencies all work together as a cohesive group to make a global impact on the plight of the homeless, orphaned and most vulnerable in our world.  We know at Mom’s House, when we save the children, we save the world.


South Africa

 Mom’s House works with local governments and other Non-Profit Organizations to build child care facilities.  These facilities provide meals, guidance and family environments where the children are safe, supported and happy.  The Home Based Care facilities in South Africa, where every village has over 200 orphans in the Mpumalanga Region, is the center of each village.  These centers are essential and necessary for the children and the community.  Mom’s House has committed to build a facility in every village in this region.  21 more facilities are required.

Each center has its own source of water to grow crops, for clean drinking water and for sanitation purposes.  Each facility will have a kitchen and dining hall, homework station, sleeping quarters, play area, garden, environmentally friendly restrooms, bore hole and administration building.  Water is scarce as is the food supply, but Mom’s House is motivated and on the ground to facilitate the improvement in this region.

Mom’s House has identified the need for Community Centers in the 24 communities in the region.  


Enrichment Programs

Working with our experienced Regional Director in South Africa, Mom’s House is developing various programs to enrich, develop and guide the youth in the region.  These programs will assist the child care facilities with guidance for the future in the Youth Development Program.

 Emotional Healing

  We understand that many of our children have lived through traumatic experiences, loss, hardship and in some cases, atrocities.  We know that love always wins and will ensure the children’s emotional needs and healing are met! Our trained staff will know how to address these emotional issues and create a space for healing for these innocent beings.


We strive to create legacies with our children.  We know how imperative it is to our global community to love, teach and guide these children into becoming amazing humans on our planet.  We are excited to enhance each child’s life and support their evolution into caring for others, living a life of excellence and becoming the next generation of Thought Leaders to create the lasting change this world needs desperately.  We have built Mom’s House from the ground up, from the idea of loving the children of the world and knowing we are all here to make a difference. We are all here to put our love into action. 


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Our Story

Mom’s House began decades ago with the childhood dreams of our CEO and Founder, Theresa Vigarino.  In time, she would discover this was much more than daydreams of a small girl. She now knows these were messages from the Divine and part of her Soul’s Destiny.   As a little girl, Theresa often played with imaginary children. This became her favorite past -time and fondest memory of childhood. She would cook for them, love them, nurture them, talk with them and rock them to sleep.  Her family knew she had these children and asked her how many did she have. Much to their chagrin, she would smile through her underbite and with a slight lisp say: “Millions”. Theresa is a mother by nature, having raised two of her own and becoming a second “Mom” to many of her children’s friends, she knew it was time to live her Soul Purpose and be the mom to many of the world.  The dream has lived on in Theresa’s heart for her life.

With the support of her husband and business partner, Victor, her loving children, many colleagues, friends and supporters, Mom’s House For Children has taken flight.  Because of her love for the South African people, the land and nature of this beautiful place, she has promised to herself and to God that she would come back to Africa and when she did, she would help the children.  15 years after her first visit and vow she made, the first orphanage village will be built and opened in late 2019. There are many more locations throughout South Africa and other African nations that Mom’s House intends to assist in this need and build more villages.  

More than 15 years after her first visit and vow she made, the first child care facility will be built soon in Kildare.  This facility will support approximately 200 orphaned and vulnerable children in this village.  There are many more locations throughout South Africa and other African nations that Mom’s House intends to assist in this need and build more villages.

Mom’s House has also identified villages along the Amazon River in Peru that are in desperate need of clean water.  We will work together with the local government and other NGO’s in the region to bring clean water to these remote villages. Like many other rural locations in developing countries, clean water is a luxury most do not have access.

Ready to save the children with us? Financial help is always welcome and is necessary to carry out our mission. With your financial help, we can build more shelters, offer more programs, and save more children in under-served countries.

Of course, there are so many ways to get involved with Mom’s House. Click on the link to find out how you can use your talents and share it with the children.