We believe that every child deserves a loving, nurturing and safe environment.

Love The Children. Unite The World.

Our Organization

At Mom’s House For Children, we are a global nonprofit organization fueled by boundless compassion. Our relentless commitment is dedicated to the welfare of children, ensuring they have not only food, shelter, clean water, but also the warm embrace of a nurturing environment.

We extend our loving hand to support the most vulnerable among us – children, granting them access to life’s essentials, such as safe water, proper sanitation, and nutritious sustenance. In our pursuit of sustainability, we emphasize the significance of partnership. We don’t merely work for the villages and towns; we work alongside them, forging relationships built on compassion, understanding, and shared goals.



Deliver vital aid, initiatives, and support to vulnerable children in remote parts of Africa, South America, and Ukraine.


Every program and project is built for scalability and longevity. We have full teams activated in the regions we work, which enables successful ventures with our partners.


Raise Money

Through grants, corporate partnerships, events, products, peer-to-peer fundraising and giving campaigns to the broader public.


We empower communities by providing essential needs, such as access to water, food supply and educational enrichment to provide opportunities for a better future and uplift them from poverty.