Our Impact in Ukraine

We believe that every child deserves a loving, nurturing and safe environment.

Mom's House For Children in Peru

Love The Children. Unite The World.

The orphaned and vulnerable children of Ukraine are still going to school in bomb shelters, subway systems and bunkers. Caregivers, parents and teachers are doing their best to stimulate, educate and comfort these children through these trying times.

Moms House will work to bring essential supplies, such as food, water, toys, books, blankets and more to 27 villages throughout war-torn Ukraine. This provides hope and continues to nurture the children of Ukraine through the tough times. Our network all over Ukraine, boots on the ground and Ukrainians, is position to bring the supplies to these villages.

What’s Happening Now

50% of children are unable to attend school

The government requires each child to have a uniform and supplies, which families can’t afford.

1 out of 2 Peruvians live in poverty

Additionally, over 60% of children in Peru are living well below the  poverty line with or without parental care.

99,000+ children lost a parent to COVID

Over 200,000 people have died due to Covid-19, creating even more issues for vulnerable children.

Love in Action: Our Projects in Peru


We’re a non-profit dedicated to providing essential supplies to remote, rural regions of Peru. We bring necessary access to clean water, sanitation, sustainable and nourishing food supply, medical and emergency supplies, and love for the orphaned and most vulnerable children of Peru.

Sustainable Food Program

Sustainable food solutions are essential in solving the food scarcity problem. Providing seeds, expanding current farming capabilities and providing supplies to solve this crisis is the goal of this program.

Enrichment Programs for Children

This program provides additional education to children in need beyond that of government schooling. It helps provide life skills and the tools needed to ensure that each Peruvian child thrives.

Clean Water System

Every village along this stretch of the Amazon river needs access to clean water and clean sanitation. These water systems will transform the lives of everyone in the village. This is the most vital need of all!