Meet Our TEAM

Theresa Vigarino

Founder and Executive Director

Theresa founded Mom’s House For Children as an extension from her own heart for the children of the world.  A born mother that has raised two children of her own, while becoming a second mom to many, her love of motherhood is now extending to the most vulnerable children in developing countries.  During Theresa’s travels across the globe, she fell in love with South Africa, its land and its people. Her family knew from a very early age that Theresa was drawn to the plight of African children.  She’s wanted to help the children of Africa for as long as she can remember. Everything Theresa has experienced in her life has prepared her for the journey of providing housing and loving home environments to these children.  A world-traveler, author, speaker and entrepreneur, Theresa has dedicated her life to be of service to others. Her heart’s mission is now to embrace the orphaned and most vulnerable children of the world. She believes that to make any lasting profound change, we start with the children.  Her firm belief is that together, when we love the children, we can and will unite the world.

Victor Lazzaro

Co-Founder, Advisor

Victor is a born problem solver.  He has spent the past 30 years inventing, designing and engineering products in a variety of areas.  His products in the consumer, medical and technology spaces have helped millions live better lives around the world.  Victor brings innovative ideas and concepts to our projects, from development through implementation. Victor is a writer, video blogger and speaker on design, creativity and personal development.  He brings a wealth of unique and diverse set of skills to the Mom’s House For Children team. His personal mission is to make our planet a better place for all of us through solving big issues such as sanitation needs, energy resources and clean water.  Through his global travels, he has an enthusiasm for creating environments where children can thrive and become the next generation of game changers and new thought leaders. He realizes that children are our future and that too many are without healthy living conditions.  His influence for innovation is pivotal for the success of Mom’s House, as it is for several companies where he is an active Board Member.

Victor is an avid motorcycle rider and rock climber.  He and Theresa spend their free time in nature climbing and hiking.

Jessica NICOLE Wahl

Co-Founder and Legal Counsel

A native Texan, who now resides in Northern California, Jessica thrives at pursuing justice, helping others and being of service.  She is a formidable person who is clear and concise in her critical thinking, which has served her well in the legal field.  

Jessica has the biggest heart for children, and those in need.  She is a cheerleader for the underdog and knew she must join the Mom’s House family.  Jessica brings counsel to its founder, her own mother, in the quest to support the most underserved children:  the orphaned and vulnerable in remote locations globally.  

Jessica fell in love with travel as a child and started flying cross country, on her own, as early as she could: 5 years old.  By the time she was 13 years old, she was traveling Internationally and opening her world up to other cultures.  

After visiting South Africa and spending time with the children, Jessica fell in love with her land and her people and has since traveled to Kenya for a service mission and will be back in Africa soon.  

Jessica Wahl is an associate in the Walnut Creek office of Lewis Brisbois and a member of the General Liability Practice.

Jessica has broad legal background and in-depth experience with corporate law, contract law, oil and gas law, and general liability with a grounded, yet fresh approach to the legal processes. She demonstrates expertise in negotiations, process improvement, team management, and litigation. She was a member of the Varsity Mock Trial team while in law school and won national championships while a part of that team. She also was president of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Advocacy Association, director of the Board of Advocates, and the Houston Chapter Liaison for the Christian Legal Society.

Jessica brings her legal guidance to Mom’s House as we quickly broaden our scope in the regions we support.  This global mission is a big one, but she is up to the task!


Steven Michael Beelar

Co-Founder and Fundraising Director




Board Member

Anchie Kuo, MD has spent most of his career on the finance and operational side of early to middle stage companies. He began his career in business development at Pfizer Hospital Products Group, a subsidiary of Pfizer Inc. with over $1 billion in revenue. Additionally, he has over 15 years of experience in venture capital and was a co-Founder of BankAmerica Ventures (Scale Venture Partners), a fund that had approximately $1.2 billion of assets under management. At BankAmerica Ventures, Dr. Kuo was responsible for all healthcare investments and served on the Board of Directors of over 15 healthcare companies. He was CEO and owner of ARC International, a medical device company that manufactures in Beijing China and distributes its products worldwide. Post- acquisition of ARC International, Dr. Kuo was a cofounder of CA Medical which focuses on distribution of international products in China. He recently formed Thalos, a company dedicated to creating products that provides safe clean water to communities and reducing the environmental impact of plastic bottles. Dr. Kuo received his MD from Dartmouth Medical School and a BA in Economics from Dartmouth College. 


Dr. David Krueger

Board Member 

David Krueger, MD, Executive Mentor Coach, has uniquely integrated psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics and quantum physics with strategic coaching into a proven system for measurable improvements of productivity and performance. Clients learn how to apply human dynamics, psychology and neuroscience to create essential transformations of their life, money, career, relationship and wellness stories that will make a difference for the rest of their lives.



Regional director South Africa 

Lotus has spent his life serving.  As one of 9 children in his family, this brought Lotus into the realm of hard work, commitment, leadership and entrepreneurship.  Emigrating from Mozambique during the civil war to South Africa in 1985, hardship and challenges motivated Lotus to assist his siblings and parents in their survival.

After school, which was a class under a tree by the lake, Lotus sought out part time jobs to help support his family, including herding cattle. He was able to pay for his own school fees and buy his uniform because of his dedication to hard work.   It was during this time that nature and conservation wove its way into Lotus’ heart and planted a seed that would sprout mightily in the decades to.

As an avid fan of debate and public speaking, Lotus practiced with the cattle to prepare for a region wide competition.  In his senior year in High School, Lotus won the top prize for this competition and won the first computer for his High School.  He also won a scholarship to study Tourism and Hospitality Management to study upon completion of High School.

This led Lotus down many paths including: Completing the course, volunteering with children at a recreation center, volunteering at the local clinic to bring awareness of the HIV epidemic to young people in the region.  Always serving those in need.

He was quickly recruited into an Internship Program through Africa Foundation and began his career with them as a Development Officer. His tenure at Africa Foundations spans a decade and a half and Lotus now is the Regional Manager of the Mpumalanga region.

Throughout his time with Africa Foundation, Lotus has managed numerous programs, spearheading projects and has improved the lives in 24 communities.  His work integrates relationship building with donors, management of projects, collaborating with many organizations, governments, tribal community leaders and more.  His areas of improvement cover Health, Education, Small Business, Conservation, and Orphan and Vulnerable support.  

Lotus lives to serve these communities and with Mom’s House intends to expand support further into the rural areas, and into Mozambique, as well.  

His expertise in working with NGO’s such as these, will bring a wealth of knowledge to Mom’s House:

:  Love Life – NAFC 

  • Good Work Foundation
  • Sabi Sands Pfunani Trust
  • Team Frank Africa 
  • MUM’s  House

Lotus is a loving father and husband, son, brother to many, inspirational leader, mentor, teacher and friend to many.   

His wealth of experience, knowledge and deeply ingrained community relationships continue to benefit the long term growth and future development of the organizations

Laura Stoker

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Laura Stoker is an entrepreneur.  She is passionate about empowering others, particularly women, to achieve financial independence.  She teaches them how to make high six-figure incomes while having the time freedom to be home with their babies.  She is a leader in doTERRA, with a team of over 150K people that spans the globe.

Laura enjoys hiking, running, and being active.  She is a certified yoga teacher and stars in her own DVD, Essential Yoga.  She has been featured on her local TV station in utah, sharing her yoga and some of her favorite healthy recipes.  She also loves spending time with her husband, Matt, and their blended family of 9 kids and one sweet grandson.  On their property in Payson, Utah, they care for chickens, ducks, bunnies, cats and dogs.  Laura is a hobby breeder of Bernedoodles.



Director of Design & Construction 

AIBD: Certified Professional Building Designer #5-633. California General Contractor License #519606

David is a certified professional member of the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD), and a licensed general contractor.

He started working with his father at an early age, always knowing he would grow up to design and build the best and most beautiful homes possible. 

David is currently applying to patent a new design & building process he developed that a competent craftsman can learn in about half a day, or less. This process uses 3% less wood and provides, at minimum, a 250% increase in insulation value over a traditionally built wall of the same length. It uses less, costs less, and is faster and easier to build; it’s more energy efficient, and still retains the structural aspects of a traditionally built home. 

Outdoor mountain sports, woodworking, and poetry are David’s avocations. 


Stephanie Seril

Marketing Director

Stephanie Seril is a seasoned marketer in Silicon Valley, having spent the last 12 years helping technology companies build their brand, their strategy, and their message. She is passionate about creating stories and content that encompass the mission and soul of whatever project she’s part of.     
As an avid world traveler, Stephanie has had a chance to experience many cultures and be part of global communities, which changed the way she looks at her own life. Joining the Mom’s House for Children cause is a chance to take her experience as a marketer and use it to better the world.
Stephanie enjoys cooking, reading and spending time outdoors with her pup, Penelope.


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